Gaia Beyond

On Steam since 2018

2D Space RPG in a real-time open world

Gaia Beyond is a hugely versatile indie project, that has become a companion to the development of my personal art style. The challenge of bringing a vast open world to life with a small team opens an infinite set of creative work fields.

  • Florian Richter (programming, engine)
  • Devendra Pohly (writing, scripting)
My major production aspects include:

  • 200+ Ship designs
  • 250+ Portraits
  • 50+ Environments

  • World Design
  • Weapons & VFX
  • UI / UX design
Additionaly, I take care of the sound effects and music and instructed a composer for the production of the original soundtrack.

Further links

For the graphic design / marketing part

Gameplay trailers in the

GIFs and gameplay footage on

Gaia Beyond on

Logo Design

Ship Design

Location Design

Character Portraits

The game features an ever-growing set of around 300 portraits. From unique story characters or sidequest encounters to random-generated NPCs – while many of the latter come with a broad number of additional variations.

Weapon Design

UI Design

More coming soon!